Shoot the Lone Star Fly-in 2014
Feb. 28th - Mar. 2nd
Welcome Back to Shoot the Lone Star 2014!

The second fly-in hosted by Austin's Lone Star Lambdas,
an IAGSDC and ASRDA member club
Shoot the Lone Star 2014
5903 Spartan Cove
Austin, TX, 78759
(512) 418-1629
Join the "in" crowd here, and help us continue to drive up the current  percentages of attendees at your dance level:  5% Mainstream, 25% Plus, 30% Advanced, 30% C1, and 10% C2.
Food Amenities fully included are:  Friday evening hors d'oeuvres, Saturday morning Tex Mex breakfast, and Saturday evening Texas BBQ buffet dinner.  An off premises brunch is offered before Sunday afternoon dancing, for those interested in an optional "pay as you go" extra group meal.  See the Sunday Brunch page above for more information.
Copyright © 2013 LoneStar Lambdas
Full Weekend Option includes New "Double-Up" Discount:  We are offering a special discount for bringing a second dancer with you.  You can register as a Double-Up with anyone else you choose, and receive the Double-Up discount, even if you don't plan to dance with that same person.  The only requirement to receive the Double-Up Discount is that you register together on the same original registration form
Two Registration Options are Now Available:  Full Weekend or Session Rates
Session Rate Option Offers Flexibility to those with Limited Time available:  This is our alternative pricing for those who cannot attend the Full Weekend Event.  The weekend charge is pro-rated over five individual sessions that can be combined in any way desired to make the most of your dance availability over the course of the full three day schedule.